Watch Erica Jennings’ video for “Leading me home” – inspired by Greek mythology

Erica Jennings released her music video today for her heartfelt single “Leading Me Home” that’s currently one of this years favourites to win the national selection in Lithuania for The Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The song has also been picked up my numerous radio stations internationally.

The video, written and directed by Laurynas Valkiūnas and Klementas Davidavičius, is based on the poignant greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice.

“Leading me home” is about rebirth, facing one’s fears, overcoming all odds and finding your true self. Therefore, it’s a beautiful play on the song, that the video deals with the idea of defeating death, whether that death is physical or emotional, through love and light and finding inner peace, something we all need in this day and age,” says Erica.

Orpheus and Eurydice.

Orpheus was madly in love with his wife, a beautiful nymph Eurydice. However, Aristaeus, the God of land and agriculture, became so bewitched by the beauty of the nymph that he started pursuing her. In her attempt to escape Aristaeus, Eurydice fell into a nest of snakes and died from a venomous bite. In his grief, Orpheus played songs. His music enchanted every living thing in the world and could even move rocks. Orpheus traveled to the underworld where his music melted the hearts of Hades and Persephone. He was allowed to take Eurydice back to the upper world, but upon one condition – Orpehus was not to look at his wife as she followed him while they ascended. However, overwhelmed by his feelings, Orpheus forgot his promise and glanced back at Eurydice. And in doing so, he lost his beloved forever.

The myth and motifs taken from the legend for the storyline are certainly emotions we have all lived through. “The journey of finding ourselves, sometimes through the toughest of circumstances, physical or emotional is something we all experience. Understanding our behaviour, being honest with ourselves and finding the courage to follow our hearts – all of that means returning to oneself, to the person we are truly meant to be”. 

The “man in black”, seen at the end of the video, could represent many ideas according to Erica. “He could symbolize a lost love or a part of me that I have long been searching for. Perhaps, he’s the discovery of my true path or my courage or my personal growth. The possibilities are endless. And yet, most likely, he is the manifestation of my inner strength and peace.”


Even several days filming out in extreme cold, with nothing but a thin gown from Ana Savicka’s Undress collection and a coat by Egidijus Rainys, could affect Erica’s health. Thanks to a caring production team and plenty of hot tea, she managed to escape any illness post filming. The singer of “Leading Me Home” says that, in the end, a music video is one person or team’s imagery for any particular piece of music. “When listening to any tune, everyone creates their own associations and lets individual experiences or emotions influence their perception of that particular song. That’s the beauty of music”.

Scuare is the young and promising production team behind the music video and had nothing but good things to say about their female lead. 

“Erica is truly proficient in front of the camera. She is easy to get along with and a real professional in her field. She also understands that filming is often a very complex and exhausting process. Nevertheless there was plenty of laughter on set,” says Laurynas Mataitis from Scuare.

Leading me home – Behind the scenes

Per šalčiausias naktis ir gražiausias aušras, per 3 ilgas dienas mes nufilmavome “Leading Me Home” video klipą. Šiek tiek slaptų kadrų, kad žinotumėt, kas jau greitai pasirodys!
Through the coldest of nights and most beautiful dawns, through 3 long days we made video of “Leading me home”. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come! ‪#‎behindthescenes‬ ‪#‎makingof‬ ‪#‎leadingmehome‬ ‪#‎esc2016‬‪#‎eurovision‬

New release “Leading Me Home”

A month before Christmas Erica gives us “Leading me Home”. A song she wrote and composed, featuring the most prominent, versatile and adventurous Lithuanian pianist Petras Geniušas and gospel choir “Hark”.

New release “It’s a Lovely Day” (Bjorn Holmesland Remix)

The song that’s stolen Lithuanian hearts for almost 10 years now has been remixed into a spectacular dance track! “Lovely Day” was originally written and produced by Joseph Baldassare and performed by Erica Jennings. Now freshly remixed by Norwegian-Brazilian producer Bjorn Holmesland delivering even more beautiful colours to this autumn than you might have expected.


The video is directed by Ruta Jankauskaite aka Marla Singer, a up and coming photographer from Vilnius who recently began making music videos with Erica. The two have collaborated for a number of years now and are close friends.


Debuts “Old Friends”

Debuts “Old Friends”, creating a commotion in the Baltic States where the singer/songwriter is already well established. Among both fans and peers, the artist is renowned for her unique vocal abilities. Irish born, she’s considered an “honorary Lithuanian”, having grown up in Vilnius. „Gourmet electro pop“ – critics claim. When asked about her solo debut and eclectic electro-pop sounds, she says “These are first and foremost very personal songs, which I wrote in my little home studio with my keyboard. Now I have songs that mean the world to me and I want to share them with everyone.”